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Rosita: You're the reason they were able to escape the Sanctuary. Everything that's happened since then, everyone who's died, that's on you.

Eugene: Rick's the one who pushed us all to take the Saviors on. He's the one who jumped headlong into this sh*t-storm with no waders. (Rosita pulls gun on him)

Rosita: You're selfish, and you're a coward, and you're a traitor. You turned your back on the only friends you ever had. Shooting you in the head right here would actually make the world a better place. But we're not gonna kill you, not because we give a rat's ass about you. We just need what's in there! (points at his forehead) We're gonna stick you in the darkest hole we can find, and the only time you'll see the light of day is when we need you to teach us how to do something. So don't worry... You'll get what you want. You'll live. But we're gonna force you to do something useful with your pathetic life.

Dwight: You sure going to Hilltop's the best plan?

Rosita Espinosa: You got a better one?

Dwight: All of you in one place, together...

Daryl Dixon: All of us together... We'll be their worst damn nightmare.

Michonne: I helped get this started. Got to see it through.

Rosita Espinosa: You think it's easier to come out here and risk than to stay back there and wait. And I get it... I used to believe that, too. Thing is sometimes, you just have to wait. Sometimes you don't get to know. I just wish it didn't take seeing Sasha walk out of that coffin to realize it.

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