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Nicolette Nevin: I mean, can I even stay here with Bell in charge?

Conrad Hawkins: We are all asking ourselves the same question.

Nicolette Nevin: But the patients need us.

Joshua Williams: So your defense is, is that some mysterious person came into Lily's room after you left, and accelerated the flow rate, administering a lethal dose of potassium? Why would someone do that?

Nicolette Nevin: To kill Lily.

Joshua Williams: Um... Who would kill a patient who, by all accounts, is beloved by the entire staff?

Nicolette Nevin: I could guess, but I don't have any proof, so I'm not going to do that.

Joshua Williams: Well, if you have something to tell us, it would be in your best interest to do it now.

Nicolette Nevin: My best interest? None of this is in my best interest, or Lily's.

Joshua Williams: We want to know the truth. The family wants to know the truth.

Nicolette Nevin: No, you don't. And Lily's family wasn't here taking care of her. Not once over the two years that she was in and out. I comforted her. Talked to her about death. Bathed her, fed her. I cared for her. Not because I liked her, which I did, and not because she was one of my favorite patients, which she was. I cared for Lily the same way I care for all of my patients. 'Cause that is what nurses do. Now, doctors order tests, they prescribe meds, and they go home, but nurses... You know, doctors think the patients are theirs, but they're not. They're ours. The nurses'. Lily Kendall was my patient, and I did not harm her. But someone else did.

Conrad Hawkins: Maybe now isn't a good time to ask them to open their checkbook.

Randolph Bell: It's not always about the money. I'll wait a few days.

Nicolette Nevin: A few days?

Conrad Hawkins: He'll be back before lunch.

Nicolette Nevin: You saved her life.

Devon Pravesh: That's kind of what we do around here, Nic.

Nicolette Nevin: Yeah, but wouldn't it be nice if your job was to help sick people, not save sick people from their doctors?

Devon Pravesh: It would be my first choice. Yeah.

Nicolette Nevin: I think that's the most words you've said, ever, in the past three years I've known you.

Mina Okafor: Don't get used to it.

Nicolette Nevin (to Conrad): You don't have the right to play God, Conrad.

Nicolette Nevin: Let's say your car has a rattle. So you take it to a mechanic and this guy's kind, polite, eager to help. For two days, he runs every test in the book. And then he calls you and says it's gonna set you back a thousand bucks. So you max out your credit card and on your drive home, guess what. You hear the same rattle. Or you could take the same car with the same rattle to another mechanic. And this guy is rude, uh, dismissive, arrogant, but he tightens a bolt, fixes the rattle, charges you five bucks. Problem solved.

Devon Pravesh: This is nothing like that.

Nicolette Nevin: No, because your car can't end up dead. Watch and learn. Conrad's the guy who tightens the bolt.

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