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Morgan Reznick: We're celebrating? Today was a disaster, and we got lucky.

Neil Melendez: You're right. But when you get lucky, you celebrate. Let's go. (everyone leaves, Melender talks to Morgan) At some point in your career, you're going to kill someone. And I hope for your sake there's a doctor out there who still believes in you when you do.

Claire Browne: You think I need to be more cutthroat?

Neil Melendez: No. That's Morgan's M.O. You're different. You're smart, you're special. Rise up, play the game on your own terms. Don't wait for it.

Neil Melendez: I've also been thinking that... arrogance does make me a better surgeon. But it's not gonna make me a better husband.

Neil Melendez: The fact that you're alive right now is evidence that you were working with dimethyl sulfate.

Shaun Murphy: You're a terrorist, aren't you?

Pacient: My brother works for a drug company. They use dimethyl sulfate to make one of their medications. He stole some for me.

Shaun Murphy: So you could make a chemical weapon.

Pacient: So I could make perfume. Smell that.

Shaun Murphy: It's... beautiful. But very stupid.

Aaron Glassman: What if I told you every few months that you had a real possibility you were gonna die?

Neil Melendez: I'd be scared. And I'd listen.

Aaron Glassman: Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn't. Personally, I think he's right... shut down those voices of doom, spend your days living instead of dying. But he may also be crazy.

Neil Melendez: It seems that Shaun doesn't let anything impact his work. So, along with his photographic memory, I'm putting cold-hearted in the plus column.

Neil Melendez: You promised this woman she'll be okay.

Claire Browne: She had to do this surgery. I might as well tell her good things.

Neil Melendez: The reason we don't make patients promises isn't just for legal.

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