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Gregory: The Hilltop stands with Negan and the Saviors. Any resident of the Hilltop who takes up arms or who supports this ultimatum against the Sanctuary or any of the Saviors, for that matter... they will no longer be welcome in the colony.

Negan: And?

Gregory: Their families will be thrown out and will be left to fend for themselves.

Negan: And?

Gregory: Go home now. Or you won't have a home to go back to!

Negan: You heard the man. Go back to separating wheat and sh*t or whatever the hell it is you people do.

Maggie Rhee: Doesn't look like anyone's goin', does it?

Gregory: Hilltop stands with...

Jesus: The Hilltop stands with Maggie!

Negan: If you don't have something interesting for us... somebody's gonna die. And no more magic guns.

Negan: I just want to point out to you that I'm not taking a scrap of your food. Slim pickin's in here. And I can't be the only one to notice that you got a fat lady in charge of keeping track of rations, can I? Either way, you starve to death, I don't get sh*t, so for now, you get to keep all the food.

Negan (to Carl): Now, boy, where were we? Oh, yeah. Your giant, man-sized balls. No threatening us. Listen, I like you, so I don't want to go hard proving a point here. You don't want that. I said half your sh*t, and half is what I say it is.

Gabriel Stokes: Do you care to pay your respects?

Negan: Ho-ly crap! You are creepy as sh*t, sneaking up on me, wearin' that collar with that freaky-a$$ smile.

Negan (to Daryl): You get three choices. One, you wind up on the spike and you work for me as a dead man. Two, you get out of your cell, you work for points, but you're gonna wish you were dead. Or three, you work for me, you get yourself a brand-new pair of shoes, and you live like a king!

(Everyone answers "Negan" when asked "Who are you?")

Negan (to Daryl): You see that? I am everywhere. And this was your shot to prove to me that that fundamental fact was sinking in, and you failed. Which sucks, because your life was about to get so much cooler.

Negan: Are you cool, though, Dwight? I mean, I just said that it was happy hour at the P*ssy Bar and Dwight eats for free, and you're telling me no? Is that cool?

Negan (to Dwight): Are you okay down there? Your p*nis? I mean, that guy, he... clomped on it. Or is it... Down for the count?