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Morgan Reznick: We're celebrating? Today was a disaster, and we got lucky.

Neil Melendez: You're right. But when you get lucky, you celebrate. Let's go. (everyone leaves, Melender talks to Morgan) At some point in your career, you're going to kill someone. And I hope for your sake there's a doctor out there who still believes in you when you do.

Morgan Reznick: I trust Shaun's idea. He makes mistakes no one else would make, but he also makes saves none of us would have ever thought of.

Shaun Murphy: Thank you.

Morgan Reznick: You're welcome. I still don't think you should be working here. I don't think the trade-off is worth it.

Shaun Murphy: Do you respect me?

Morgan Reznick: You're smart, able to memorize a ton of information, but... no, not really.

Audrey Lim: You've certainly put a lot of thought into what someone you claim not to respect wears to a party.

Morgan Reznick: Just because I don't respect him doesn't mean I don't like him. Everyone's uncomfortable in fancy clothes and hates kissing up to bigwigs at a fundraiser. But they do it. They don't cower at home alone. You use your autism as a crutch.

Audrey Lim: Okay, I think if you liked him any more, he'd have a black eye.

Morgan Reznick: So, what'd you get... Hugo Boss? Armani?

Shaun Murphy: Dr. Andrews said I should just rent one.

Morgan Reznick: And you're gonna listen to him?

Shaun Murphy: He's the Chief of Surgery. And he knows about clothes.

Morgan Reznick: If Andrews had a son, you think he'd let him go to an important event in a cheap rental tux?

Shaun Murphy: He said people who matter judge people based on their talent.

Morgan Reznick: Yeah, that's what he tells someone else's kid. To his own, or someone he actually respects, he tells the truth.

Shaun Murphy: Why did you give Gus a doughnut?

Morgan Reznick: I was being nice. I needed my patient's labs expedited. Gus likes doughnuts.

Jared Kalu: It's called bribery.

Morgan Reznick: I call it "basic human decency."

Morgan Reznick: Toy bears, Skype with kids... you've got game.

Claire Browne: "Game"? I believe the name for what I did is "basic human decency."

Morgan Reznick: Everyone has an agenda. Sometimes it's conscious, sometimes it's not, but it's always there. And you've got this whole "queen of kindness" thing down pat.

Claire Browne: Awfully cynical for someone so young.

Morgan Reznick: Mm, not cynical. Just the reality of how the world works.

Claire Browne: It's good to have you on board, Morgan. It's great to have another female surgeon.

Morgan Reznick: Oh, uh, I'm sorry, you and I are not gonna be friends, hanging out, having sleepovers, braiding each other's hair.

Claire Browne: That's not exactly where I was going with it.

Morgan Reznick: When residency's over, the hospital's likely only keeping two of us. Shaun is Glassman's pet project, so he's in. Jared is persona non grata, so he's out. Which means every time you win, I lose. And vice versa.

Claire Browne: Thanks for the heads up.

Morgan Reznick (to Jared): Are you the autistic one?

Jared Kalu: No.

Shaun Murphy: That's me. Dr. Shaun Murphy.

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