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Mina Okafor: God, I hate you.

AJ Austin: Ah, that's the first time you've called me by my name. Admit it. You have feelings. You care. You can have passion, you can love somebody even. It does not make you less of a doctor. No, in fact, it makes you a better one. You can help fix Micah if you can harness that passion to elevate your art because hear me out: there is no great art without passion.

Mina Okafor (to Dr. Austin): Listen, I've treated people wounded in civil wars and children dying of AIDS. None of that scared me. So you definitely don't scare me. Now, speak to me with respect, Dawg.

Patient's mother: Promise us that he's gonna be okay.

Mina Okafor: Surgeons don't make promises. But I'll make an exception.

Claire Thorpe: I am the CEO. His future is in my hands, not the other way around. And this is not only about Bell. It's about saving patients' lives. You are a great doctor. And if great doctors don't speak up... nothing changes.

Mina Okafor: I'll tell you the truth, but only within these walls. If you reference this conversation, I'll deny it ever happened.

Claire Thorpe: Understood. You have my word.

Mina Okafor: Let's start at the beginning, when he killed a patient during an appendectomy...

Randolph Bell: Well, in order to keep brilliant, young surgeons like Dr. Okafor here happy, we need the...

Potencional sponsor: Is that why you were invited here tonight, Dr. Okafor? To, um, help persuade us?

Mina Okafor: I was invited because I'm black. Apparently diversity matters.

Nicolette Nevin: I think that's the most words you've said, ever, in the past three years I've known you.

Mina Okafor: Don't get used to it.

(Mina is building house of cards with surgical robot hands)

Conrad Hawkins: What is this thing? Some sort of lifesaving playing-card-ectomy? (blows down the cards)

(Mina aims the robot arm with scalpel at Conrad)

Mina Okafor: You should go now.

Mina Okafor: What I feel doesn't matter. What I feel doesn't help. I deal in facts.

Mina Okafor (to Bell): You blackmailed me. You wouldn't help me get my visa unless I did the robotic surgery you were supposed to do. Then... you took all the credit. I'm never saving your ass again.

Mina Okafor (about Bell): I heard a nurse call him HODAD. What does it stand for?

Conrad Hawkins: Hands of Death and Destruction.

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