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Alex Karev: I hated Kepner at first. I hated her because I wished I was more like her. She was always prepared, always excited. She... She cared. She liked her patients. And she knew her stuff. She's good. She was all the things I wasn't, all the things I had to work to be. She was just born that way.

Meredith Grey: You gotta stop saying "was."

Meredith Grey (narration): In surgery, we work to make our sutures as precise as we can. We try to minimize scars and to return full function. We try not to leave any trace of the injury. In Japan, when a piece of pottery breaks, some potters fill the cracks with gold. The potters, they see the repair as something beautiful. They know that the unexpected happens. Change happens. They know that nobody gets through this world in one piece. That doesn't have to diminish us. The cracks are part of our history. They will always be with us. They made us better. They made us stronger. They made us something new.

Meredith Grey (narration): Before surgery, we ask patients a series of questions. Do you have a job to return to? Do you have a support system at home? We're screening for mental illness. Anxiety, depression, delusions. We need to make sure you're of sound mind. We need to make sure you know what to expect. But if we check patients for mental illness, why not surgeons? Someone should really get on that. Fixing your mental health isn't like surgery. You can't just run the blood work and check the vitals. With mental health, progress is way harder to measure and if something's wrong, we have to take action. There's a lot of uncertainty. There's a lot of fear. And what might be easy for one person, for someone else might take inner strength you can't even imagine. But we have to try. We have to stand up to our demons. We have to face reality whenever possible and ask for help when we can't. And when we do that, healing is possible.

Jackson Avery: I'll be damned if I'm gonna let my grandfather do to you what he did to all these women.

Meredith Grey: Just read it.

Catherine Avery: "The time has come for new vision, new light, and new hope. We know that a culture can't change with a single statement. Comprehensive, systemic change is required. But let that change begin now... with the dissolution of the Harper Avery Foundation, effective immediately." Darling, this is insane.

Jackson Avery: Keep reading, please.

Catherine Avery: "In its place, a new foundation, dedicated to the preservation and nurturing of all 72 hospitals..."

Advisor: If I am not buying this, I don't know how you think the public will.

Jackson Avery: Why are you still here?

Advisor: Because I am trying to save you from committing financial suicide.

Meredith Grey: Will you please just read the underlined part?

Catherine Avery: "We also make a solemn promise... To give voice to those who were silenced. To listen to, and to learn from, every woman's story. To repay, retrain, and rehire every victim of Harper Avery's abuse. We hope you'll join us in supporting, with enthusiasm... the Catherine Fox Foundation. Sincerely yours, Catherine Fox."

Advisor: Ugh. What a lovely moment this is. A billion-dollar moment, one might say.

Jackson Avery: Honestly, the name idea was Meredith's.

Meredith Grey: It was all him. But can we please get this re-engraved (Harper Avery trophies), because I worked way too hard for it.

Zola Shepherd (about Andrew): How come Maggie's friend never has to take a bath and we do?

Meredith Grey: Because he's... European.

Meredith Grey (narration): In your first year as an attending surgeon, you're told to take babysteps. Look for the easy cases, the sure wins. No sense of making an ass of yourself. Better to rack up some easy victories. You can't avoid bad outcomes for your whole career, but you can sure try. 'Cause getting a bad reputation can finish you before you start. We define ourselves by our actions, but it doesn't mean we have to live by that definition. We can change our own story. We can refuse to accept the way people define us. We can work like hell to escape a bad reputation, only to wonder if we succeeded. It can be hard to shake the mistakes of the past. They'll always come back to haunt us. But one thing we never do. We don't stop. We don't quit. We get up and re-join the fight.

(Bailey and Kepner are doing back pipe noises sounding like funeral music)

Meredith Grey: What's happening?

Miranda Bailey: We're having a funeral.

Meredith Grey: Whose?

Miranda Bailey: Mm, Harper Avery. The Harper Averies. The end of an era.

Meredith Grey: Dr. Bailey had a cookie.

Jo Wilson: Oh, crap.

Miranda Bailey: Why are you laughing? This is not funny. This is very not funny. I'm the chief.

Jo Wilson: It's very serious.

Meredith Grey: Will you take the chief up to the lecture hall, please?

Jo Wilson: Yes. Yes.

Meredith Grey: I have this, Dr. Bailey, okay?

Miranda Bailey: You'll do a good job? 'Cause he's very sweet, and his kids are very scared.

Meredith Grey: Dr. Bailey. I have this.

Miranda Bailey: I love you.

Meredith Grey (narration): Adrenaline is the body's response to stressful situations. It's one of many vital chemical compounds our bodies produce that alter our state of consciousness. Oxytocin makes us feel bonded with others. Dopamine makes us more alert and motivates us to seek reward. A lack of serotonin has been linked to depression. GABA, an amino acid neurotransmitter, helps reduce anxiety. And endorphins create a heightened state of happiness. Like the kind we feel when we win. Surgeons can benefit from altered states of consciousness, but only when they're achieved naturally. The lows drive us to do better. The highs of saving a life are the rewards of a job well done. And then there are times when our state of mind is altered and it has nothing to do with brain chemistry. New opportunities open us up to greater possibilities. New information and a new perspective can permanently shift our consciousness and the way we see the world will never be the same.

Meredith Grey: Here's a plane ticket to Zurich.

Sam Bello: I'm going to Switzerland?

Meredith Grey: You are voluntarily leaving the country to continue your studies at the prestigious cardiothoracic program at Klausman Institute. Congratulations on your acceptance.

Andrew DeLuca: What?

Meredith Grey: You applied last year.

Sam Bello: I did?

Meredith Grey: Here's a copy of your application and your essay. They were very impressed.

Sam Bello: Who wrote this?

Meredith Grey: You did. With the help of Dr. Pierce. When you land tomorrow, somebody will be there to meet you. They will help get you settled, and Dr. Yang is expecting you. You're going to love working with her. She was also the best in her class.

Meredith Grey (narration): When you're little and you announce to your parents that you want to be a doctor, they're thrilled. You practice medicine on your stuffed animals and you dream. The dreams turned to plans: pre-med, med school, residency, fellowship. It takes almost 15 years to prepare to be a surgeon, but no matter how much you prepare, 15 years isn't enough. We spent our childhoods writing our dreams in diaries. As adults, those dreams quietly come true every single day. Only sometimes, we forget to notice until it's too late. So slow down and take it in. Let yourself feel it. Because sometimes, even the most beautiful dreams disappear when the sun comes up.

Meredith Grey (narration): Life doesn't owe us a thing. It just is. Like a river, it goes where it goes. You can try to fight against the current. Or you can learn to ride it. As surgeons, we dedicate ourselves to an endless fight against the current. All day, every day, we fight against the current. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. Sometimes, the current carries us exactly where we need to go. And sometimes, it slams us right into the rocks.

Meredith Grey: I saved a transplant surgeon today. He was smart and funny. Hot.

Alex Karev: And, so, what? He's married?

Meredith Grey: Nope.

Alex Karev: Gay? Lives in a foreign country?

Meredith Grey: Minnesota.

Alex Karev: Same difference. So what's the problem?

Meredith Grey: No problem. He was just my patient.

Alex Karev: So he's smart, funny, and hot, and...

Meredith Grey: My patient. I really like the way my life is now. I just... He made me feel something that I haven't felt since Derek.

Alex Karev: But... you're his doctor. Is it really the worst thing in the world, knowing it's out there if you want it?

Meredith Grey: No, it's not the worst thing.

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