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Lucifer Morningstar: So if I cut you exactly in half, would there be two Pierces?

Marcus Pierce: No. Only one side would heal. You see, I call it the, the "master molecule" theory.

Lucifer Morningstar: Yes, yes, Wolverine rules. I get it.

Marcus Pierce: I have tried everything. Even jumped into a volcano once.

Lucifer Morningstar: What, you survived molten lava?

Marcus Pierce: Yeah, it was a rough six months. Just, whatever I do, I just... regrow.

Lucifer Morningstar: Huh, like a blue-eyed, square-jawed tapeworm.

Lucifer Morningstar: You can't die, I know. But I promise you, if you stay, I will find a way to end your infinite misery, if it's the last thing I do.

Marcus Pierce: What makes you think you can do that?

Lucifer Morningstar: Well, you may have crossed paths with God, but you've certainly never made a deal with the Devil before, now, have you? What say we change that?

Marcus Pierce: What do I have to lose?

Lucifer Morningstar: Well, hopefully, your life.

Lucifer Morningstar: What is it that you desire?

Marcus Pierce: I want... to die.

Lucifer Morningstar: I wonder why I didn't figure it out sooner. "The world's first murderer, marked by God and doomed to walk the earth alone for a tortured eternity." It's quite the moniker. Yet, still, nowhere near as ridiculous as the Sinnerman. Wouldn't you agree... Cain?

Marcus Pierce (Cain): You may as well pour me one, too.

Marcus Pierce: There was an investigation last year. We interviewed... what was it... 92 of your sexual partners? I think I'll refrain from physical contact if you don't mind. You don't seem reckless. Narcissistic, hedonistic... that I see.

Lucifer Morningstar: Well, thank you very much.

Marcus Pierce: Not a compliment. Your file is as long as my Johnson.

Lucifer Morningstar: Oh. Quick read then?

Marcus Pierce: Hardly.

Lucifer Morningstar: Well, I, for one, don't need a file to ascertain you haven't even had a snog in ages, have you?

Marcus Pierce: Accurate.