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Marcus Andrews: You play golf, Murphy?

Shaun Murphy: I have, but I don't like it.

Marcus Andrews: None... None of us do. You know what they say... "Golf is a good walk spoiled."

Shaun Murphy: You wear very stylish clothes.

Marcus Andrews: Um, thank you. I assume you mean when I'm not in surgery.

Shaun Murphy: Yes. Do you think people believe you're a better doctor because of that?

Marcus Andrews: Some people. Others probably just think I'm a show-off or arrogant, gay. I don't care. I do it for myself. You look good, you feel good.

Shaun Murphy: Does it help you make friends?

Marcus Andrews: Feeling good about yourself helps with everything.

Marcus Andrews (to Dr. Glassman): You can't protect Murphy forever. At some point, he needs to succeed or fail on his own.

Marcus Andrews (to Claire and Shaun): I'm guessing Melendez doesn't let you know this enough, but you both are doing a great job. And if either of you needs anything, even just to talk, my door's always open.

Shaun Murphy: I almost kissed a girl. Once.

Marcus Andrews: Well, you know what they say... If at first you don't succeed...

Shaun Murphy: Are you trying to mock me or encourage me?

Marcus Andrews: I'm trying to get to know you so I know when I should mock and when I should encourage.

Shaun Murphy: When's the right time to mock you?

Marcus Andrews: How could a guy who can't even shake a co-worker's hand be comfortable doing a pelvic exam?

Shaun Murphy: People squeeze too hard. It hurts.

Marcus Andrews: So, I'm guessing you're not that into hugs.

Shaun Murphy: I don't like to be squeezed.

Aaron Glassman: Just a friendly warning... I know you have no interest in helping Shaun. You figure you'll give him a little authority, he'll screw something up, and then you'll be done with him, and then you'll be done with me. You're right about me. I am getting old and maybe a little emotional. Maybe I over-committed. But you're wrong about Shaun. He's gonna handle anything you throw at him.

Marcus Andrews: Either way, if he succeeds, I'm the guy who just backed him. And if he fails, I'm the president.

Marcus Andrews: A surgeon needs to communicate... not just information, but sympathy, empathy. Can Dr. Murphy do that? He can't even reliably show up for a job interview. Are you gonna sit here and tell us that there were no other equally-qualified young surgeons... surgeons without this one's... issues?

Aaron Glassman: No. Which is why... exactly why... we should hire Shaun. We should hire him because he is qualified and because he is different.

Marcus Andrews (to Dr. Glassman): You've known him since he was 14? You care about him. He's like a son to you.

Jessica Preston: Dr. Andrews, your wife is gonna be very upset with you. If you're trying to turn this into a nepotism case, we're gonna have to fire her idiot nephew from bookkeeping.

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