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Sheriff Stilinski: I couldn't sleep last night. So, um, I got up, figured I'd do some paperwork. The files were in the back of my car. So, I, I go to the garage, and some junk has fallen off a shelf and I, I stubbed my toe on an old baseball bat. Without thinking I yelled a name...

Lydia Martin: Stiles.

Lydia Martin: Malia came here to get through the full moons. Then we started using the lake house.

Natalie Martin: I thought you said a wild animal got in the lake house.

Lydia Martin: Just be happy about all the things I don't tell you.

Lydia Martin: Whoever it is, I think I loved him.

Natalie Martin: It just must've been a bad dream.

Lydia Martin: But I wasn't asleep.

Malia Tate: You okay?

Lydia Martin: I have this feeling that I was supposed to do something.

Scott McCall: Do what?

Lydia Martin: I can't remember.

Lydia Martin: Stiles!

Stiles Stilinski: Lydia? You know me. Oh, thank God. You know me.

Lydia Martin: I know you. But I think everybody else is forgetting.

Lydia Martin: It sounds like you want it to be supernatural.

Stiles Stilinski: It's been, like, three months since anything's happened.

Lydia Martin: Yeah, and once a week you drag me out of bed like I'm some sort of supernatural metal detector.

Stiles Stilinski: Okay, it is way more often than that. You can't tell me that you think this is just some series of impossible coincidences?

Lydia Martin: Did you find something? A solution?

Stiles Stilinski: Yeah. It was you. It was you, Lydia.

Malia Tate (on phone with Lydia): I should be keeping Stiles safe.

(Stiles runs into a door behind Lydia)

Lydia Martin: He'll be fine.

Jordan Parrish: Everytime I carry a body to the Nemeton, I put it down and add to the ones that are already there.

Lydia Martin: How many?

Jordan Parrish: Hundreds, Lydia. Hundreds of them.

Lydia Martin (to Parrish): You're not just a deputy.