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Sabine Wren (about Hera): I'm surprised she got on the ship.

Kanan Jarrus: I told her I had a plan.

Sabine Wren: Really? And she left anyway?

Kanan Jarrus: Very funny. Come on.

Agent Kallus: Make for the east vehicle pool. You'll find a walker there you can escape in. Now, I just have to make this look convincing.

Ezra Bridger: Okay. (force pushes him through glass)

Kanan Jarrus: Ezra!

Ezra Bridger: What? That is convincing.

Kanan Jarrus: Yeah, but I was gonna do it.

Ezra Bridger: Well, if he's one of us now, you'll get your chance.

Sabine Wren: So what do you need us for? Why not use your own crew?

Hondo Ohnaka: Now trust me, that is a long, boring story. No, no, no, my friends, you are the guys for this job.

Kanan Jarrus: If the Empire couldn't salvage the ship, what hope do we have?

Hondo Ohnaka: Because we have something in our favor that the Empire does not, for we are desperate!

Hera Syndulla: For once, he's right.

Hera Syndulla: Kanan, why don't you take a team to the planet? Assist the evacuation.

Kanan Jarrus: All right. Good luck with Iron Squadron.

Zeb Orrelios: Sounds like a ship full of Ezras. Let's get out of here.

Fenn Rau (about the Protectors): They're my men. I can talk to them.

Zeb Orrelios: Wait. Isn't he our prisoner?

Kanan Jarrus: More like a cranky guest.

Ezra Bridger: The hangar looks clear. Let's go.

Captain Rex: Wait. That's not how it normally goes.

Ezra Bridger: What's wrong?

Captain Rex: The droids usually keep coming, wave after wave.

Kanan Jarrus: That tactical droid has had a long time to think about this. And remember, he wants to win.

Ezra Bridger: I'm surprised it means so much to him.

Captain Rex: Yeah, it means a lot to his programing. It means a lot to mine as well.

Ezra Bridger: Your programing?

Captain Rex: We clones were bred for combat. With few exceptions, there was no other way of life for us.

Ezra Bridger (finds B1's head): Hey, was this a Separatist battle droid?

Captain Rex: Yeah. Little piece of one anyway. This place used to be crawling with 'em. We called 'em clankers.

Zeb Orrelios: Clankers. I like that. How many of these things do you think you blasted?

Captain Rex: I don't know. Thousands. Probably tens of thousands. Never kept count like some of the boys.

Ezra Bridger: They don't look very dangerous.

Captain Rex: Listen, those droids wiped out a lot of Republic troopers. Many of them were my friends.

Kanan Jarrus: Rex has been through a lot. Battles leave scars, some you can't see.

Hera Syndulla: You're sure you don't need help?

Kanan Jarrus: I'm sure everything will go horribly wrong.

Ezra Bridger (about Rex): We'll be fine. We got a Clone Wars veteran with us.

Darth Maul (about the Ghost): I assumed that this ship was merely a transport, but I realize it is much more than that. This is your home.

Zeb Orrelios: You looking to move in?

Darth Maul: Captain, would it be rude of me to request a tour of your ship?

Hera Syndulla: Well, the airlock is down there, if you want to see yourself out.

Kanan Jarrus: I distanced myself from everyone. From the Force too.

Bendu: Your connection to the Force allows you to see in ways others cannot. If you can see yourself, you will never be truly blind, Kanan Jarrus, Jedi Knight.

Kanan Jarrus: The Sith holocron? You opened it?

Ezra Bridger: Yeah, I opened it. So what?

Kanan Jarrus: Ezra, you know only someone who uses the dark side can open this thing.

Ezra Bridger: Well, the things I've learned from it have really helped me.

Kanan Jarrus: You're using it?

Ezra Bridger: Maybe you should, too. You might actually learn something.

Kanan Jarrus: Ezra, do you have any idea how dangerous this path is?

Ezra Bridger: Everything I've learned has helped me win one battle after another. I'm using it for good.

Kanan Jarrus: Acting out of anger offers quick results, but it's a trap!

Ezra Bridger: Not for me!

Ezra Bridger: Why is Rex so worried? Uh, what does he know that I don't?

Kanan Jarrus: Malachor has always been off-limits to Jedi.

Ezra Bridger: Why?

Kanan Jarrus: Old legends. Stories told to us as younglings in the temple.

Ahsoka Tano: There's always a bit of truth in legends.

(Ezra shoots in the middle of lightsaber practice fight with Kanan)

Kanan Jarrus: You know, that's my move.

Ezra Bridger: I steal from the best.

Temple Guard (Grand Inquisitor): Even now, the servants of the dark side come for your apprentice. You cannot fight forever.

Kanan Jarrus: You're right. I can't protect Ezra forever. Not even from himself. All I can do is what I've done, train him the best I could.

Temple Guard (Grand Inquisitor): By the right of the Council, by the will of the Force, Kanan Jarrus, you may rise.

Kanan Jarrus: Wait, what does this mean?

Temple Guard (Grand Inquisitor): It means you are what I once was. A knight of the Jedi Order.

Ezra Bridger: Be careful!

Kanan Jarrus: Don't worry. I wouldn't do anything you would do.

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