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Lyanna Mormont: House Mormont has kept faith with House Stark for 1,000 years. We will not break faith today.

Jon Snow: Thank you, my lady. How many fighting men can we expect?

Lyanna Mormont: 62.

Jon Snow: 62?

Lyanna Mormont: We are not a large house, but we're a proud one. And every man from Bear Island fights with the strength of 10 mainlanders.

Davos Seaworth: If they're half as ferocious as their lady, the Boltons are doomed.

Dim Dalba: We'll be the last of the free folk.

Jon Snow: That's what'll happen to you if we lose. The Boltons, the Karstarks, the Umbers, they know you're here. They know that more than half of you are women and children. After they finish with me, they'll come for you. You're right. This isn't your fight. You shouldn't have to come to Winterfell with me. I shouldn't be asking you. It's not the deal we made. I need you with me if we're going to beat them, and we need to beat them if you're going to survive.

Tormund: The crows killed him because he spoke for the free folk when no other southerners would. He died for us. If we are not willing to do the same for him, we're cowards. And if that's what we are, we deserve to be the last of the free folk.

(Jon gives Edd his coat)

Eddison Tollett: What do you want me to do with this?

Jon Snow: Wear it. Burn it. Whatever you want. You have Castle Black. My watch is ended.

Eddison Tollett: Your eyes are still brown. Is that still you in there?

Jon Snow: I think so. Hold off on burning my body for now.

Eddison Tollett: That's funny. You sure that's still you in there?

Tormund: They think you're some kind of god. The man who returned from the dead.

Jon Snow: I'm not a god.

Tormund: I know that. I saw your pecker. What kind of god would have a pecker that small?

Davos Seaworth: You go on. You fight for as long as you can. You clean up as much of the sh*t as you can.

Jon Snow: I don't know how to do that. I thought I did, but... I failed.

Davos Seaworth: Good. Now go fail again.

Melisandre: Afterwards, after they stabbed you, after you died, where did you go? What did you see?

Jon Snow: Nothing. There was nothing at all.

Jon Snow: Sam. You had just been beaten half to death. How did you...

Samwell Tarly: Oh, very carefully.

Jon Snow: I'm glad the end of the world's working out well for someone.

Jon Snow: You know that the Citadel will make you swear off women, too.

Samwell Tarly: Oh, they'll bloody try.

Jon Snow: I'm not asking you to forget your dead. I'll never forget mine. I lost 50 brothers the night that Mance attacked the Wall. But I'm asking you to think about your children now. They'll never have children of their own if we don't band together. The Long Night is coming and the dead come with it. No clan can stop them. The free folk can't stop them. The Night's Watch can't stop them. And all the southern kings can't stop them. Only together, all of us. And even then it may not be enough, but at least we'll give the f*ckers a fight.

Tormund: The day I ask my people to fight with the crows is the day my people cut my guts from my belly and make me eat them.

Jon Snow: And how many of your people can't fight? The women, the children, the old, the sick... what happens to them? You're condemning them to death. Worse than death because you're too proud to make peace. Or maybe you're not proud. Maybe you're just a coward.

Melisandre: Do you feel my heart beating? This power in you, you resist it, and that's your mistake. Embrace it. The Lord of Light made us male and female. Two parts of a greater whole. In our joining there's power. Power to make life, power to make light, and power to cast shadows.

Jon Snow: I don't think Stannis would like that very much. Melisandre: Then we shouldn't tell him.

Jon Snow: I can't.

Melisandre: Why?

Jon Snow: I swore a vow. I loved another.

Melisandre: The dead don't need lovers. Only the living.

Jon Snow: I know. But I still love her.

Melisandre: You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Davos Seaworth: Shield that guards the realms of men. That's what you swore to be. Now I'm not a learned man, the best way of help the most people might not be sitting in a frozen castle at the edge of the world. It just might mean wading in the muck, getting your boots dirty and doing what needs to be done.

Jon Snow: And what needs to be done?

Davos Seaworth: As long as the Boltons rule the North, the North will suffer.

Samwell Tarly: He'll make you a Stark with a stroke of a pen.

Jon Snow: It's the first thing I ever remember wanting. I daydreamed that my father would ask the king. Just like that I would never be the B*stard of Winterfell again.

Samwell Tarly: No, you deserve this. You do. I-I couldn't be happier for you.

Jon Snow: I'm gonna refuse him.

Samwell Tarly: But... you'd be Lord of Winterfell.

Jon Snow: I swore a vow to the Night's Watch. If I don't take my own word seriously, what sort of Lord of Winterfell would I be?

Mance Rayder: You're a good lad. Truly you are. But if you can't understand why I won't enlist my people in a foreigner's war, there's no point explaining.

Jon Snow: I think you're making a terrible mistake.

Mance Rayder: The freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted.