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Ian Gallagher: You're not trying to look at my d*ck, are you?

Jimmy/Steve: No, no, I'm not. I'm not even thinking about your d*ck... in my dad's mouth. I'm not.

Ian Gallagher: Good, then don't.

Jimmy/Steve: Yep. Not.

Carl Gallagher: Ian's d*ck was in your dad's mouth?

Jimmy/Steve: It's a figure of speech. It's like saying, "none of your business."

Jimmy/Steve: It's the whole "my dad is gay for your brother" thing. It's like on a film loop in my brain. Ian's c*ck, my dad's mouth-- in, out, in, out.

Fiona Gallagher: It's just sex. He's still the same person.

Jimmy/Steve: But is he? Because I'm rethinking everything I even thought about him. Like in high school when my friends came over, was he checking out their a$$es? Or that guy, Uncle Rick-- his racquetball partner with the feathered hair?

Kevin Ball: You have any idea what time it is?

Steve: It's Frank. He's...

Veronica Fisher: Yo.

Kevin Ball: Frank, what did I tell you?!

Frank Gallagher: Here we go. Neighbors of Satan.

Kevin Ball: The day you start paying rent around here, Frank, like the rest of us, you can play whatever sh*t you want. But if you're gonna pump up this time of night, you're gonna pump out the stuff that we like, okay?

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Shameless Quotes

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