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(Jared asked Shaun for advice about Celez)

Shaun Murphy: You should call in sick. Lea says calling in sick is all you need to gain superior wisdom and knowledge. She was right.

(Next day at Celez's check-up)

Jared Kalu: Celez, hi. This is the brilliant Dr. Murphy. He'll be assuming your care from here on, though I don't expect you'll need much.

Celez: I understand.

Jared Kalu: I don't think you do. You see, doctors aren't allowed to date their patients. What are you doing tomorrow? Uh, I'm calling in sick.

Celez: I think you may still have some friends here. (meaning Shaun)

Claire Browne: What's wrong?

Jared Kalu: It's the song that played during our first overnight at the hospital. We had our first kiss to this song.

Claire Browne: I'm sorry. It's been a long day.

Jared Kalu: Yeah.

Claire Browne: Jared, it doesn't mean anything.

Jared Kalu: Yeah, it does. I love you, Claire. You never loved me. Now, I thought that maybe someday that would change, but... it won't. Bye, Claire.

Jared Kalu: You're actually enjoying this scut work, aren't you?

Shaun Murphy: Yes. We are being helpful.

Jared Kalu: We're not doing this to be helpful, Murphy. We're doing this because you pissed off Lim, and I'm collateral damage.

Shaun Murphy: We're still being helpful.

Jared Kalu: Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter, competition's over.

Shaun Murphy: Is it?

Jared Kalu: We're in here and not with the patient. No face time plus you calling her a "he" equals crappy survey scores.

Shaun Murphy: It's okay. It's a game. It's not important.

Jared Kalu: It is to me. I'm a pariah. These scores are part of our resident evaluation. Our jobs depend on them. Mine does, at least.

Shaun Murphy: Then we should do this scut work very well.

Shaun Murphy: Why did you give Gus a doughnut?

Morgan Reznick: I was being nice. I needed my patient's labs expedited. Gus likes doughnuts.

Jared Kalu: It's called bribery.

Morgan Reznick: I call it "basic human decency."

Audrey Lim: I pick the boy genius.

Jared Kalu (to Shaun): That's you.

Morgan Reznick (to Jared): Are you the autistic one?

Jared Kalu: No.

Shaun Murphy: That's me. Dr. Shaun Murphy.

Jared Kalu: Dr. Andrews, I read your op-ed in Gen Surge News. Brilliant piece. Never realized the lack of continuity of care was such a severe problem.

Shaun Murphy: Dr. Melendez... you have very beautiful hair.

Claire Browne: You know it's not that difficult to be a human being. Just tell him to "come clean," "honesty is the best policy," "a lie is a stone in your heart."

Jared Kalu: Who said the last one?

Claire Browne: Me. I made it up.

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