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Hera Syndulla: Wait. Wait. I have to tell you something. I... I hate your hair.

Kanan Jarrus: It's the best I could do without a mirror.

Hera Syndulla: Your hair hasn't been this short since we first met.

Hera Syndulla: I know the odds are against this attack's success. But if that fighter goes into production, our squadrons will not stand a chance. I believe it's a risk worth taking. And whether we fail or succeed, at least our actions will show the Empire and the galaxy that we will not stand down, that we will not be broken by fear, that we are strong, united by our courage. Now is our time to strike.

Hera Syndulla: Kanan? Kanan, do you copy?

Kanan Jarrus: I'm gettin' the feeling Thrawn's actually trying to kill us this time.

Hera Syndulla: That is only funny because you're still alive. Now, please, come home, love.

Thrawn: General Dodonna, Commander Sato, Captain Syndulla. At last, we meet in this theater of war, however briefly. There is no escape, and your forces are badly outnumbered. This rebellion ends today.

Hera Syndulla: We'll never surrender to you, Thrawn.

Thrawn: You misunderstand, Captain. I'm not accepting surrenders at this time. I want you to know failure, utter defeat, and that it is I who delivers it crashing down upon you. Now, let us proceed.

Hera Syndulla: Despite what you two think, I'm confident we have our best team on the job.

Zeb Orrelios: Okay, since when does our best team include AP-5, Chopper, and Wedge?

Mon Mothma: I've spent my life in the Senate trying to do good, to preserve the rights of the people.

Hera Syndulla: And we are grateful.

Mon Mothma: Little good it's done. The Emperor has crushed freedom over the years, bit by bit. I've opposed him where I could, but I've begun to see that the fight cannot be won in the Senate.

Hera Syndulla: The stakes are a bit higher out here on the front lines. Instead of being outvoted, you're outgunned.

Mon Mothma: Life or death. It's a new experience, being on the run. But if that's what it takes...

Hera Syndulla: Whatever it takes, this Rebellion is worth it.

Kanan Jarrus: The Force resides in all living things. But you have to be open to it. Sabine is blocked. Her mind is conflicted. She's so expressive and yet so tightly wound. She's so...

Hera Syndulla: Mandalorian.

Kanan Jarrus: Ugh... Very.

Hera Syndulla: I'll be sending out supplies. Is there anything specific that you need?

Kanan Jarrus: Patience, understanding...

Hera Syndulla: I'll see what I can do.

(After Saw Gerrera leaves...)

Kanan Jarrus: Ezra, you're gonna find not all of our allies share the same values or even fight the Empire for the same reason we do.

Hera Syndulla: I've also got my issues with Saw, Ezra. But in the end, he proved he's not the Empire. And for now, that will have to do.

(Saw is holding Geonosian Klik-Klak at blasterpoint...)

Saw Gerrera: Let us pass, or I destroy the egg.

Kanan Jarrus: Saw, you don't want to do this.

Hera Syndulla: I know you believe you're doing the right thing, but...

Saw Gerrera: Our enemy shows no mercy. Neither can we.

Ezra Bridger: If you harm that egg, you're helping the Empire wipe out the last of his kind. The last of his family.

Sabine Wren: So what do you need us for? Why not use your own crew?

Hondo Ohnaka: Now trust me, that is a long, boring story. No, no, no, my friends, you are the guys for this job.

Kanan Jarrus: If the Empire couldn't salvage the ship, what hope do we have?

Hondo Ohnaka: Because we have something in our favor that the Empire does not, for we are desperate!

Hera Syndulla: For once, he's right.

Hera Syndulla: If Kanan needs help, he'll call us.

Sabine Wren: Since when?

Hera Syndulla: Fine. If Chopper's in over his head, he'll hide and call us.

Sabine Wren: That's more believable!

Hera Syndulla: You're sure you don't need help?

Kanan Jarrus: I'm sure everything will go horribly wrong.

Ezra Bridger (about Rex): We'll be fine. We got a Clone Wars veteran with us.

Thrawn (to Hera): War. It's all you've ever known, isn't it? You were so young when you survived the Clone War. No wonder you're as equipped in spirit to fight as well as you do. War is in your blood. I study the art of war, work to perfect it. But you... You were forged by it.

Slavin: Sir, she's just a peasant.

Hera Syndulla: It doesn't matter where we come from, Admiral. Our will to be free is what's going to beat you.

Darth Maul (about the Ghost): I assumed that this ship was merely a transport, but I realize it is much more than that. This is your home.

Zeb Orrelios: You looking to move in?

Darth Maul: Captain, would it be rude of me to request a tour of your ship?

Hera Syndulla: Well, the airlock is down there, if you want to see yourself out.

(Chopper points at something excitingly)

Ezra Bridger: Oh, yeah. That droid leg kinda does look like yours.

(Chopper shows a hologram of the leg he wants)

Hera Syndulla: Chopper, we're not here to shop.

Zeb Orrelios: Uh, shop... Shopper!

(Chopper is disappointed and frustrated)

Hera Syndulla: This mission is important and dangerous.

(Chopper protests)

Hera Syndulla: Not now.

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