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Gert Yorkes: When things calm down, I'll come for you. I'll find you. We have a connection. You're the Costello to my Abbott. The Harpo to my Groucho. The old lace to my arsenic. Goodbye, Old Lace.

Chase Stein: I guess, since tonight may be our last night on earth.

Gert Yorkes: Yeah. Well, if that's how it is, I'd like one last dance.

Chase Stein: Can you believe we were ever a part of this?

Gert Yorkes: I never really was.

Chase Stein: What do you mean?

Gert Yorkes: You wouldn't understand. No matter where you go, or what you do, people see you. When someone like me walks through a door, no one really turns my way. Unless I just barfed orange juice onto my shoes.

Chase Stein: I remember that.

Gert Yorkes: That was one day. There were a hundred when you didn't realize I was standing right next to you.

Chase Stein: What do you care? You thought I was an idiot.

Gert Yorkes: I never thought that. I may have said that often and loudly, but it was a defense mechanism... 'cause I felt ignored.

Karolina Dean: We were friends because our parents were friends. We were just kids. We were always gonna grow apart.

Gert Yorkes: Plus, it's kind of hard to stay friends with someone when all they care about is being the perfect church girl.

Karolina Dean: Better than the insufferable social justice warrior.

Alex Wilder: Or a dumb jock.

Chase Stein: Yeah, or Molly... I've got nothing against you. You're really nice.

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