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Dwight: I know why I'm here. I know what I did to Denise. To you. To other people. And it doesn't matter why. I knew I'd have to face it... to pay, and I should. I'm ready. I got to see Negan taken down, and that's enough. Me? I'm a piece of sh*t. There's no going back to how things were. I'm sorry. Look, I'm so sorry. Please. Please.

Daryl: Shut up. You go, and you keep going. Don't you ever come back here again. If I ever see your face around here again, I'll kill you. You go out there, and you make it right. Find her.

Negan: You know, what's bad for Simon, it's good for you. And I know we've had our ups and downs, D, but I've always been able to count on you. So... congratulations. You are my new right-hand man. That is, if you accept the promotion.

Dwight: I do. And I'll help you finish this thing with Rick.

Negan: Don't sell yourself short, D. You already have.

Dwight: I didn't just turn on 'em. I killed 'em. Daryl saw it. Rosita saw it. You saw it. But one of them got away... So if they find me, Negan puts my head on a pike. I'm not working for them, and I'm not going back to them. I chose my side. This is it. I'm here to help you beat Negan. After that... well, I know how it ends.

Dwight: You sure going to Hilltop's the best plan?

Rosita Espinosa: You got a better one?

Dwight: All of you in one place, together...

Daryl Dixon: All of us together... We'll be their worst damn nightmare.

Dwight: The Saviors are finished. Negan's finished. And this place... what it's been... that's all over. Food and water's runnin' low, workers are angry, the Saviors, they're gettin' scared. And this place is gonna fall, and all you have to do to be on the winning side is to stand down. All you have to do is nothing. Wait. Let it play out. Can you do that? You've seen what happens here... heard the screams... smelled the burning skin. You don't got blood on your hands yet, but that's comin'. Once you do those things, you become those things, and there's no goin' back. No forgettin' it.

Eugene Porter: What cranks my shaft is bein' safe. And here... me bein' safe means a whole lot of other people are safe. I think about that a great deal. Yes, I'm Negan... and it ain't perfect, but we are Saviors. We save. Like I said... your cloak-and-dagger's on the Q.T. All I ask is that you do nothin' that results in harm to anyone inside these walls, and it'll stay that way.

Dwight Parker (to Daryl): You got your friend killed. I got Tina killed. And don't pretend like you don't know the score. You should be dead. But Negan's taken a shine to you. You're lucky. Don't forget.

Gordon: Thug swoops in with a baseball bat and a smile, and we're all so scared that we gave up everything. Well, there's only one of him and all of us, so why are we living like this?!

Dwight Parker: Because look where we are! We were losing. Now we're not.

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