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Tory Nichols (to Hawk and Miguel): Traitors! You better watch your back! Demetri Conners: He won't have to. He's got friends watching it for him.

(Sam and Miguel come across Demetri and Yasmine kissing...)

Sam LaRusso: Yasmine?

Demetri Conners: Hey. Um... We were just, uh...

Yasmine: Doing study work.

Demetri Conners: Yup.

Sam LaRusso: So you two are...

Yasmine: What? Ew. Ew! No. Like I would ever date this freak. (leaves)

Demetri Conners: Whatever, Cruella. Why don't you go kill a bunch of dalmatians? I am 101% in love!


Sam LaRusso: I can't believe that just happened!

Miguel Diaz: Yeah, I guess, uh... love conquers all.

Sam LaRusso: I guess it does.

(There is a fight in the hall between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do) Demetri Conners (to a teacher): You have to do something, Mr. Palmer. Another teacher: Hey! Break it up! (gets between students to stop them, gets knocked out) Mr. Palmer: Screw this, they don't pay me enough. (leaves)

Demetri Conners: My whole life I've been, let's just say, less than popular. But at least I had a few friends. And then Cobra Kai comes to town, and next thing I know, my friends are taking karate and becoming alpha jerks. I'm literally being threatened by my best friend. I just wanted to show I could fight back.

Daniel LaRusso: Look, I understand what you're going through. I do. But Miyagi-Do isn't about showing off. It's about...

Demetri Conners: Self-defense. I know. Problem is, my self is too weak.

Demetri Conners: Hey, Mr. L, before we begin...

Daniel LaRusso: What's...

Demetri Conners: It's a note from my mom excusing me from any extensive arm and leg movements. So, uh, if there's an alternative lesson I could do... Maybe a workbook.

Daniel LaRusso: Show me "sand the floor."

Demetri Conners: You want me to sand it again? It's pretty smooth.

Daniel LaRusso: No, no, not actually... The movement. Show me the movement. Remember? You ready?

Demetri Conners: You kicked me!

Daniel LaRusso: Why didn't you block, Demetri? You know this. This is the muscle memory.

Demetri Conners: In case you haven't noticed, I don't have muscles.

(In the classrom students are taking a P.S.A.T. practice test...)

Miguel Diaz: It's just a practice test. Relax.

Demetri Conners: Easy for you to say. You have a girlfriend.

Miguel Diaz: What does that have to do with anything?

Demetri Conners: I gotta do well on these so I do well on the actual test so I get into a good college, which will lead to a good internship, then a high-paying job, and then, after a couple promotions, I should have enough confidence to get a super-hot girl. You got the karate thing. I gotta play the long game.

Miguel Diaz: Okay, are we ready? Let's ask the Dragon Queens to dance.

Demetri Conners: Slow your roll, we got time.

Miguel Diaz: No, no... Sh*t. We just lost one to Doctor Who.

(Guy dressed as a Doctor asks one of the girls to dance.)

(Miguel gets up to go to the popular girls' table)

Demetri Conners: What are you doing?

Miguel Diaz: Striking first.

Demetri Conners: Oh, sh*t, I hope we don't get hit with the shrapnel.

Demetri Conners is a character from Cobra Kai

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