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(Ian won't come out of bed...)

Debbie Gallagher: Ian? Ian, you all right? Ian, it... it's Debbie.

Ian Gallagher: Go away.

Debbie Gallagher: Ian?

Mickey Milkovich: Do you know what this is?

Debbie Gallagher: Yeah, we know what this is.

(Frank is in the hospital in a really bad condition...)

Debbie Gallagher (to Frank): I just wanted to say that I love you. And that I forgive you for everything. Unless you live. And then... and then I'm still pissed off.

Debbie Gallagher: Ugh, I lost the shiv Carl made for me. Melted toothbrush, duct tape handle...

Ian Gallagher: Why do you need a shiv?

Debbie Gallagher: In case I run into my ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend.

(Mickey finds the shiv.)

Debbie Gallagher: Oh, there it is.

Mandy Milkovich: That a shiv?

Debbie Gallagher: Yep. Later.

Ian Gallagher: 13 years old, she's bringing a shiv to class.

Mickey Milkovich: Man, I miss high school.

Lip Gallagher: Hey, you guys heard anything from Ian?

Debbie Gallagher: Not for weeks. And Fiona doesn't even care.

Lip Gallagher: What about the U.S. Army? You hear anything from them?

(Flashback from not too long ago...)

Sergeant Benz: We're looking for Phillip Gallagher.

Carl Gallagher: He's at college. (slams the door)

(Back a present time...)

Carl Gallagher: No.

Debbie Gallagher: I like this color. Kind of cheers you up just looking at it, right?

Sheila Jackson: It does.

Debbie Gallagher: Sometimes when you're feeling really bad, If you make yourself look better on the outside, It can start to make you feel better on the inside. My mom calls it "taking it from the outside in."

Debbie Gallagher (singing):

I will burn for you

feel pain for you

I will twist the knife

and bleed my aching heart.

Lip Gallagher: What's up with Debs?

Carl Gallagher: Obsessed with death.

(Mother is dropping a kid for Debbie to babysit...)

Mother (to Fiona): Her nose has been running, but I think it's just the glue that Jeff's been using on the new kitchen linoleum. Bye, baby. Oh, and please, no gluten.

Debbie Gallagher: Gluten?

Fiona Gallagher: Who knows.

(Fiona puts her ankle behind her head and sings while Steve is taking a video of her)

Debbie Gallagher: Am I going to have to learn how to do that when I start having sex?

Fiona Gallagher: This has nothing to do with sex.

Debbie Gallagher: Then it's even weirder.

Simon: I got a signed first edition of Harry Potter.

Debbie Gallagher: Overrated. Made a better movie than a book. And now with all those kid actors grown up, they're scarier looking than the villains.

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