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Dean Winchester: We know it wasn't easy for some of you to get here, and we thank you. We... We gave her a Hunter's send-off a few days ago. But we know that her family went beyond just us. Some of you Hunted alongside her. Some of you fought Michael with her in the other world. You know, we lost our mom once before. But we got a second chance with her. And we got to know her not just as "Mom," but... as someone who was tough and strong. Stubborn as Hell. Someone who had opinions and wasn't shy to use them. She could handle a machete. She could handle a vampire. She could handle our old man. She couldn't cook worth a damn. Mom, you weren't here long enough. But we're... we're so glad for the time that we had. Goodbye, Mom.

Sam Winchester: Bye, Mom.

Everyone: To Mary.

(Dean is setting up the Mouse Trap board game...)

Dean Winchester: Son of a bitch!

Jack Kline: I thought this was supposed to relax him.

Mary Winchester: Um, it will... I hope. I just thought it would be nice to stay in for a change. You know, this was his favorite game when he was little.

Mason Romero: Look, if those monsters are out there, why don't you tell people? Give them... well, us... A chance to fight back?

Dean Winchester: Because telling people about this stuff... They don't always believe. Your people tried to warn you about this whistling freak. Nobody bought it. Not even you.

Mason Romero: So? Just record them, put it on YouTube.

Dean Winchester: Knowing about monsters and fighting 'em are two different things.

Mason Romero: So you make that choice for everybody? Imagine telling them. Imagine the lives you could save.

Sam Winchester: No. No. It doesn't work like that. People die. Even when they know how to fight, people still die.

Sam Winchester: Kohonta.

Dean Winchester: Gesundheit.

Sam Winchester: No, not... Kohonta. It's a... It's a local Native American legend.

(Sam is pulling out body out of freezer in the morgue - hand moves with the motion and touches Dean)

Dean Winchester: Whoa! Mo...

Sam Winchester: Seriously? How long you been doing this?

Dean Winchester: Well, got catlike reflexes, okay? What can I say?

Dean Winchester: What you looking at? Porn? Sex tapes? Nip slips?

Sam Winchester: The Internet is more than just naked people. You do know that, right?

Dean Winchester: Not my Internet.

Dean Winchester: Hey! How was Arkansas?

Sam Winchester: Arkansas was, uh... It was... weird.

Dean Winchester: Heard you wore a cardigan.

Castiel: Yeah, I told him about the cardigan.

Sam Winchester: Great. Thanks.

Dean Winchester: And the wife. He said you were, uh, really happy.

Sam Winchester: Thanks. Yeah.

Dean Winchester: So, what's the verdict? Does he have a soul?

Donatello Redfield: I suppose the first question we must ask ourselves is, what is a soul?

Dean Winchester: Donny.

Donatello Redfield: What? I'm sorry. Um, I'd keep an eye on him, but I think if he seems okay, he probably is.

Dean Winchester: So he's not like you?

Donatello Redfield: Oh, no. I'm a Prophet of the Lord, but he... Jack's probably the most powerful being in the universe. I mean, really, who knows what's going on inside his head?

Jack Kline: I'm trying different foods for the snake.

Dean Winchester: Why?

Jack Kline: I think he's sad.

Dean Winchester: Oh. Have you tried bacon?

Jack Kline: Do snakes like bacon?

Dean Winchester: I don't know. I like bacon.

Castiel: Thought you, uh, were gonna sleep until the cows dragged you home.

Dean Winchester: That's not the... Never mind.

(Few minutes later...)

Castiel: And then... Sleep until the cows come home.

Dean Winchester: There it is.

Castiel: That's the saying.

Sam Winchester: Maggie says decapitation is the only way to kill these things.

Dean Winchester: But if we cut off their head, then is more creatures gonna crawl out?

Jack Kline: Wait. Other creatures?

Sam Winchester: H-He's talking about "Clash of the Titans" again.

Dean Winchester: We don't know...

Dean Winchester: I'm on a first-name basis with some psycho pen pal. That's aces.

Castiel: Somehow he knows you. But you're not standing alone. Why doesn't he mention me?

Dean Winchester: Maybe you're not his type.