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Dean Winchester Quotes

Rowena: Death has something I want.

Sam Winchester: What's that?

Rowena: My son. After you told me he was gone, how he died, I had an unexpected reaction. We had our differences, but it's my fault he went down the path he did. I left him.

Dean Winchester: We're talking about Crowley... demon, King of Hell.

Rowena: We're talking about Fergus... a man abandoned and loveless, tricked by a demon, died in a gutter. He deserved better from the world, from me.

Dean Winchester: Well, Crowley's dead. There's no coming back from that.

Rowena: Oh, is that so, Dean? Are only Winchesters allowed to come back from the dead? The rest of us just have to accept it? I don't think so. I'm putting Death on notice.

Sam Winchester: So what, you... you've just been... hovering around us, invisible, like a... like a babysitter?

Reaper Jessica: No, no, more like a baby monitor.

Sam Winchester: And... and you've seen, um...

Jessica: Oh, everything.

Dean Winchester: You mean, like, everything everything?

Jessica: I'm especially fond of Sam's impressive... extensive array of hair products. Not to mention, the 3-day-old bacon cheeseburger in your room, or the VHS tape hidden under your bed, labeled, “Sweet Princess Asuka Meets the Tentacles of Pleasu-”

Dean Winchester: Okay, all right, all right, that's not cool, okay? That's... First of all, that's a classic. Secondly, the burger's for emergency cases only.

Sam Winchester: Rowena, are you at a... party or something?

Rowena: I am, but I'm surprised you recognize the sounds of a party, seeing as how you're all work and no play.

Dean Winchester: Look, we didn't call to talk, we... The world is in danger, Rowena.

Rowena: And I'm currently surrounded by art that makes me think the world should be in danger. Best of luck to you, boys, my three little musketeers. Mwah.

Dean Winchester: Damn it.

Castiel: You know, she's right. You never go to parties.

Dean Winchester: Son of a bitch! Every time! Every time we get close, it always falls apart. Every freakin' time.

Sam Winchester: What's the catch? What do you want?

Arthur Ketch: Protection. From Asmodeus.

Dean Winchester: The one you're working for?

Arthur Ketch: Was working for. When he finds out that I stole his prize milk cow, well, I imagine that he'll hunt me to the ends of the Earth. So... this is the only safe place I know.

Sam Winchester: What? Do you think you're just gonna move in?

Arthur Ketch: Dibs on the top bunk?

Sandy: I like you, Dean. You're strong. And I enjoy looking at your face.

Dean Winchester: Whew. You're making me blush.

Sandy: That's why I'm going to allow you to be Glythur's host.

Dean Winchester: Sorry, what? The host?


Waitress: Lobster roll, no bun, and kale salad for you, String Bean.

Dean Winchester: Kale's a garnish.

Sam Winchester: It's healthy. I'm watching my cholesterol, like you should be.

Dean Winchester: Yeah, I'm watching my cholesterol. Watching it go up.

Sandy: How am I still alive?

Sam Winchester: Um... we don't really know yet.

Sandy: And...and how are you so calm about the fact that... I'm still alive?

Dean Winchester: This kind of weird. It's sort of our thing.


Dean Winchester: There it is. Jinkies.

Sam Winchester: You're gonna stop saying that eventually, right?

Dean Winchester: I don't know. Probably not.


Dean Winchester: That was the coolest thing that's ever happened to me. And that includes the Cartwright twins.

Castiel: What did you do with the Cartwright twins?

Dean Winchester: Oh. (laughs) I'll be right back.

Sam Winchester: I don't think I wanna know.