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Sam Winchester: Kohonta.

Dean Winchester: Gesundheit.

Sam Winchester: No, not... Kohonta. It's a... It's a local Native American legend.

(Sam is pulling out body out of freezer in the morgue - hand moves with the motion and touches Dean)

Dean Winchester: Whoa! Mo...

Sam Winchester: Seriously? How long you been doing this?

Dean Winchester: Well, got catlike reflexes, okay? What can I say?

Dean Winchester: What you looking at? Porn? Sex tapes? Nip slips?

Sam Winchester: The Internet is more than just naked people. You do know that, right?

Dean Winchester: Not my Internet.

Dean Winchester: Hey! How was Arkansas?

Sam Winchester: Arkansas was, uh... It was... weird.

Dean Winchester: Heard you wore a cardigan.

Castiel: Yeah, I told him about the cardigan.

Sam Winchester: Great. Thanks.

Dean Winchester: And the wife. He said you were, uh, really happy.

Sam Winchester: Thanks. Yeah.

Dean Winchester: So, what's the verdict? Does he have a soul?

Donatello Redfield: I suppose the first question we must ask ourselves is, what is a soul?

Dean Winchester: Donny.

Donatello Redfield: What? I'm sorry. Um, I'd keep an eye on him, but I think if he seems okay, he probably is.

Dean Winchester: So he's not like you?

Donatello Redfield: Oh, no. I'm a Prophet of the Lord, but he... Jack's probably the most powerful being in the universe. I mean, really, who knows what's going on inside his head?

Jack Kline: I'm trying different foods for the snake.

Dean Winchester: Why?

Jack Kline: I think he's sad.

Dean Winchester: Oh. Have you tried bacon?

Jack Kline: Do snakes like bacon?

Dean Winchester: I don't know. I like bacon.

Castiel: Thought you, uh, were gonna sleep until the cows dragged you home.

Dean Winchester: That's not the... Never mind.

(Few minutes later...)

Castiel: And then... Sleep until the cows come home.

Dean Winchester: There it is.

Castiel: That's the saying.

Sam Winchester: Maggie says decapitation is the only way to kill these things.

Dean Winchester: But if we cut off their head, then is more creatures gonna crawl out?

Jack Kline: Wait. Other creatures?

Sam Winchester: H-He's talking about "Clash of the Titans" again.

Dean Winchester: We don't know...

Dean Winchester: I'm on a first-name basis with some psycho pen pal. That's aces.

Castiel: Somehow he knows you. But you're not standing alone. Why doesn't he mention me?

Dean Winchester: Maybe you're not his type.

Sam Winchester: Okay, so, we've made some progress.

Dean Winchester: This is like an A.V. Club presentation.

Jack Kline: What's an A.V. Club?

Castiel: It's a special group for people who do not play sports.

Dean Winchester: Yeah, him. (points at Cas) He's A.V. Club.

Rowena: Excuse me, boys, but this is a bit more pressing than your hilarious banter.

Castiel: Okay, um... these killings... It seems like there's a ritualistic quality to the crime scenes, right? It's almost liturgical. (Jack and Dean look confused) It means religious.

Dean Winchester: Yeah. See, that one I knew.

Dean Winchester (to Sam): We've been through some tough times. There's no denying that. And for the longest time, I blamed Dad. I mean, hell, I blamed Mom, too, you know? I was angry. But say we could send Dad back knowing everything. Why stop there? Why not send him even further back and let some other poor sons of bitches save the world? But here's the problem. Who does that make us? Would we be better off? Well, maybe. But I got to be honest... I don't know who that Dean Winchester is. And I'm good with who I am. I'm good with who you are. 'Cause our lives... they're ours. And maybe I'm just too damn old to want to change that.

John Winchester: My fight. It was supposed to end with me, with Yellow Eyes. But now you... you are a grown man, and I am incredibly proud of you. I guess that I had hoped, eventually, you would... get yourself a normal life, a peaceful life, a family.

Dean Winchester: I have a family.