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Dean Winchester (to Eldon): You can save me the speech on the three hearts, the two spleens, the seven nipples for the ladies, or the fallas, I don’t judge. But even with all that, you still only have one brain.


Dean Winchester: I’m gonna find whoever did this. (*who killed Charlie) And I’m gonna rip apart everything and everyone that they ever loved. And then I’m gonna tear their heart.


Sam Winchester: Charlie, we’re gonna miss you. You were the best. And I’m so sorry…

Dean Winchester: Shut up. You got her killed, you don’t get to apologize. You want to know what I think? I think it should be you up there and not her.


Angel: Need that boy, Dean Winchester. Heaven's running out of angels. Only he can save us.

Dean Winchester: As far as I'm concerned, you dicks can fry.

Jack: You mean Lucifer? I was scared. I was upset. But...why would I look for him? He's no one to me. You, Castiel... you're my family.

Dean Winchester: Yes, we are.

Dean Winchester: We'll figure something else out. And if that doesn't work, then we'll move on to next, and then whatever's after that. We just keep working, 'cause it's what we do.

Sam Winchester: It feels really good to hear you talk like that again.

Dean Winchester: Well, looks like gun beats knife, so how about you hand over the safe, and then we'll all be home in time to watch "Game of Thrones."

Luther Shrike: I'm more of a book guy.

Dean Winchester: When a demon tells us to jump, we don't ask how high. We just ice their ass.

Bart: How very "Dean" of you.

Jack: Maybe I'm just another monster.

Dean Winchester: No, you're not. I thought you were. I did. But... Like Sam said, we've all done bad. We all have blood on our hands. So if you're a monster, we're all monsters.

Sam Winchester: It's good to see you smile.

Dean Winchester: Well, I said I needed a big win. We got Cas back. That's a pretty damn big win.

Dean Winchester: My whole life, I always believed that what we do was important. No matter what the cost, no matter who we lost, whether it was Dad or... or Bobby or... And I would take the hit. But I kept on fighting because I believed that we were making the world a better place. And now Mom and Cas... And I... I don't know. I don't know.

Sam Winchester: So now you don't believe anymore.

Dean Winchester: I just need a win. I just need a damn win.

Billie: Since I got this... new job, I stand witness to a much larger picture. Do you know what I see? You. And your brother. You're important.

Dean Winchester: Why?

Billie: You have work to do.