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Clem: I'm really gonna miss Gabe. I mean -- he's super annoying sometimes, but... I've gotten used to having him around. At least, to have someone to talk to. Even if he is a total dork.

Javi: Not that he said anything to me in particular, but... You know the guy's got a mondo crush on you, right?

Clem: Agh! He does not!

Javi: Oh my gosh, you have a crush on him, too!

Clem: I do not!

Javi: Ah, you both have my blessing.

Clem: I'm going to stab you with those scissors!

Clem (about Tripp): He went out fighting. I hope I do, too.

Ava: From the first time we met, right here, surrounded by absolute hell... You and AJ were a light in the darkness; hope for a better world! That's who you are. Promise me you'll never lose that light. Please... it's what makes you special, Clem. It's what keeps the rest of us going.

Clem: Okay. I promise

Ava:  You're a tough kid. Don't change.

Clem: I already felt like a mom. Even Eva would have to admit I was a good mom to AJ.

Clem: Emotions aren't picky. They get the better of all of us eventually.

Clem: I thought AJ would be the one... finally.

Javi: The one what?

Clem: The one who didn't die. My little goofball... Maybe it was for the best. Any place has to be better than here. Maybe even nothing is better...

Clem (to Javi): I had a... a friend. He had a wife... a son... he was really protective. Having people is nice, but it always ends up hurting in the end. Never think otherwise.

Gabe: Parents just love pretending the rest of us can't hear.

Clem: I wouldn't know.

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