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Claire Browne: What's wrong?

Jared Kalu: It's the song that played during our first overnight at the hospital. We had our first kiss to this song.

Claire Browne: I'm sorry. It's been a long day.

Jared Kalu: Yeah.

Claire Browne: Jared, it doesn't mean anything.

Jared Kalu: Yeah, it does. I love you, Claire. You never loved me. Now, I thought that maybe someday that would change, but... it won't. Bye, Claire.

Claire Browne: You think I need to be more cutthroat?

Neil Melendez: No. That's Morgan's M.O. You're different. You're smart, you're special. Rise up, play the game on your own terms. Don't wait for it.

Morgan Reznick: Toy bears, Skype with kids... you've got game.

Claire Browne: "Game"? I believe the name for what I did is "basic human decency."

Morgan Reznick: Everyone has an agenda. Sometimes it's conscious, sometimes it's not, but it's always there. And you've got this whole "queen of kindness" thing down pat.

Claire Browne: Awfully cynical for someone so young.

Morgan Reznick: Mm, not cynical. Just the reality of how the world works.

Claire Browne: It's good to have you on board, Morgan. It's great to have another female surgeon.

Morgan Reznick: Oh, uh, I'm sorry, you and I are not gonna be friends, hanging out, having sleepovers, braiding each other's hair.

Claire Browne: That's not exactly where I was going with it.

Morgan Reznick: When residency's over, the hospital's likely only keeping two of us. Shaun is Glassman's pet project, so he's in. Jared is persona non grata, so he's out. Which means every time you win, I lose. And vice versa.

Claire Browne: Thanks for the heads up.

Claire Browne: Does she know you're going there because she is going there?

Shaun Murphy: I'm not. Lea makes me happy.

Claire Browne: Well, Lea's not the only one that can do that. I'm gonna miss you.

Claire Browne: Shaun asked Dr. Melendez for a letter of recommendation.

Aaron Glassman: Yeah. All I have to do is sign it and off he goes.

Claire Browne: I think... he might think that you're mad at him. If you don't sign, it reinforces what he thinks. But if you do, it lets him know that you believe in him.

Claire Browne (to Dr. Melendez): Finding someone you can't imagine a life without, it's hard. I know it's a cliché, but it is true.

Claire Browne (to Shaun): The pretentious giggle. The, uh... the squirm. And the hair sweep. I call it the flirting trifecta.

Claire Browne: You know it's not that difficult to be a human being. Just tell him to "come clean," "honesty is the best policy," "a lie is a stone in your heart."

Jared Kalu: Who said the last one?

Claire Browne: Me. I made it up.

Claire Browne: You answer when I don't ask. You don't like questions.

Shaun Murphy: I don't.

Claire Browne (to Shaun): How do I talk to you?

Neil Melendez: You promised this woman she'll be okay.

Claire Browne: She had to do this surgery. I might as well tell her good things.

Neil Melendez: The reason we don't make patients promises isn't just for legal.

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