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Dumah: If we had him, he wouldn't be imprisoned. He would be put to work.

Castiel: What do you mean?

Dumah: Castiel, the angels... Our numbers were greatly diminished after the fall. No one's made new angels since the dawn of creation. We're going extinct. You would need a powerful force to make more of us.

Castiel: Jack, I've killed people who didn't deserve it... my friends... I've killed people I loved. I wish I could tell you that it... that it gets easier, that with time, it hurts less, but that would be a lie because it... it never gets easier. And those moments, they never stop hurting. But that doesn't mean that you should stop fighting. Doesn't mean that just because you made a mistake... and that's what this is, Jack. It's a mistake. That doesn't mean that you can't... can't be better, do better. I believe that. I have to believe that.

Charlie Bradbury (about Rowena): I am doing my best, but with her criticizing, breathing down my neck, trying to sign me up for Team Witch and moaning how the one good year for music was 1723, I am going crazy.

Castiel: She is a wicked witch.

Castiel (to Charlie and Rowena): It sounds like blood sugar is dipping in here. I got snacks. When I was human, I grew very fond of these pork rinds.

Castiel (to Sam and Dean): I need help from both of you. You were both troubled teens. You speak her language.