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Belphegor: Shouldn't we at least try and be friends? Sam and Dean, they seem to be coming around. I think I'm, uh, growing on them. You know, like a cancer.

Castiel: You are not growing on anyone. Sam and Dean are just using you. Don't mistake that for caring about you, because I can assure you they don't.

Belphegor: Wow. You learn that the hard way?

Castiel (to Dean): Even if we didn't know that all of the challenges that we face were born of Chuck's machinations, how would we describe it all? We'd call it "life". Because that's precisely what life is. It's an obstacle course, and maybe Chuck designed the obstacles, but we ran our own race. We made our own moves. And mostly, we did well with that.

(Dean decides not to shoot Jack and throws away the gun...)

Chuck: No! Pick it up! Pick it up.

Dean Winchester: The hell, Chuck?

Chuck: This isn't how the story is supposed to end.

Castiel: The story?

Chuck: Lookit, the... the... the gathering storm, the gun, the... the father killing his own son. This is Abraham and Isaac. This is epic!

Dean Winchester: Wait. What are you saying?

Sam Winchester: He's saying he's been playing us. This whole time.

Chuck: Come on.

Sam Winchester: Our entire lives. Mom, Dad... everything. This is all you because you wrote it all, right? Because... Because what? Because we're your favorite show? Because we're part of your story?

Dean Winchester: This is the only way.

Castiel: And Billie said the only way to defeat Michael was to lock you in a box.

Chuck: Ugh. Billie. I liked the old Death better. He was all about fried pickles and tickle p*rn. This new Death... she's always sticking her scythe where it doesn't belong.

Dean Winchester: And you're here because...

Castiel: Because of Jack.

Chuck: Listen, you guys know me. I'm hands-off. I built the sandbox... you play in it. You want to fight Leviathans? Cool. You got that. You want to go up against... what was it?... the "British Men of Letters"? Okay. Little weak, but okay. But when things get really bad, like the Apocalypse or the Other Apocalypse, that's when I have to step in.

Sam Winchester: So You're saying Jack is Apocalyptic?

Castiel: I need time to see the Cage and study it.

Demon at the gate: Yeah, that's a no. So you can go to hell... metaphorically.

Castiel: No, don't. (Demon closes the door)

Chuck: Wow. Yeah. You guys are screwed.

Castiel: You should never have tried to lock him away.

Dean Winchester: You know what? You're right. I never wanted to put him in that damn box. I wanted him dead.

Castiel: Dean.

Dean Winchester: He's dangerous, Cas, and you knew it! You've known it for a long time! But that's okay. You know why? Because me and Sam, we've killed just about everything there is. And this... Jack... oh, we'll find a way. Because he's just another monster.

Castiel: A Hunter's memorial, complete with monster. Mary would have appreciated that.

Bobby Singer: Now that you mention it, yeah.

Castiel: I know you know this, Mary, but, um... Sam and Dean... they're... They're glad to have you back. Whatever you still have to deal with and however long it takes, you should know they're happy. I mean, finally, they don't have to be so, um... so alone.

Mary Winchester: Castiel. They were never alone.

Castiel: Anael. You know, you're not always right. Just because God's not with us doesn't mean we're alone.

Anael: Why? Because we all have each other?

Castiel: Yes.

Castiel: I'm doing this for Jack.

Anael: No, you're not. You're doing this because you're afraid. Because in your mind, it'd be easier to call God than to tell Sam and Dean Winchester the truth.

Castiel: The truth?

Anael: Jack's soul is gone, Castiel. And there's nothing you can do about it.

Castiel: And here I thought you just performed miracles for the money.

Anael: Well, you haven't been paying attention, then. I do them for me. I don't need Heaven. And I don't need God. And... I'm happy, Castiel.

Castiel: Really? Because that sounds lonely.

Anael: We're all lonely, because we're all alone. From ant to lion to human to angel. Every last one of us.

Castiel: You know, he does meddle. God reached down, and he brought me back to life.

Anael: So he saves one angel... and watches millions of people die screaming, every day. What does that say about him?

Dean Winchester: Hey! How was Arkansas?

Sam Winchester: Arkansas was, uh... It was... weird.

Dean Winchester: Heard you wore a cardigan.

Castiel: Yeah, I told him about the cardigan.

Sam Winchester: Great. Thanks.

Dean Winchester: And the wife. He said you were, uh, really happy.

Sam Winchester: Thanks. Yeah.

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