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Aramis: Wait for my signal. Surprise is everything.

D’Artagnan: Gaudet!

Aramis: Surprise would have been everything!

Aramis: Or a stomach shot. Death is inevitable, but you’ll bleed for hours first.

Dujon: You can’t. This is murder.

Porthos: We won’t tell, if you won’t.

Aramis (to Dujon): Time to pay the reckoning for Cornet.

Porthos: And I bet he’s going to say, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Aramis: And then we’ll have to hurt him.

Porthos: At which point, he’ll suddenly remember he killed him. Why wait? Let’s just hurt him now.

Aramis: It could go like that. Or we can just skip to the confession part. It would save us time, and you pain. A lot of pain.

Constance Bonacieux: Stop fighting! All of you! Is three against one fair?

Athos: We weren’t going to kill him.

Porthos: Weren’t we?

Aramis: Next time, let us know.

D’Artagnan (to Athos): My name is D’Artagnan, of Lupiac in Gascony. Prepare to fight. One of us dies here.

Aramis: Now, that’s the way to make an entrance.

Porthos: Cornet is a fine soldier. If he’s gone missing, there’s a good reason.

Aramis: Or a bad one.

Aramis: Please tell me there’s another way out.

Adele Bessette: The window!

Aramis: Have you seen how far down that is?

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