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Kat Godwin‏‎: Lockwood!

Bobby Vernon: He's left us.

Ned Shaw: Ugh! The b*stard tricked us.

Bobby Vernon: That b*stard had a plan.

Kat Godwin‏‎: A suicidal one.

Anthony Lockwood: That tends to be a feature of all my best plans.

Ned Shaw: We should've run. You're gonna get us killed, Lockwood.

Anthony Lockwood: Pull yourselves together. You're elite Fittes agents, three of the best I've met. And I'm Anthony bloody Lockwood. Any one of us could see this lot off any day of the week. But all of us together? This will be a walk in the park.

Kat Godwin‏‎: This isn't a park, it's a graveyard.

Anthony Lockwood: Then let's bury them.

Lucy Carlyle: What are we doing this for? What does any of it mean if we end up stabbed or dead at the bottom of the Thames with nobody left to care? This doesn't feel like winning.

(Later at home...)

Anthony Lockwood: I'm sorry. You were right. I got totally carried away on this job. I was thoughtless and reckless. I just wanted to say, don't give up on us. Please. Or... what I really should say is... don't give up on me. To be honest, the bottom of the Thames used to be a far more appealing place to be. And really no one would have cared. But now...

Anthony Lockwood: Who are you? Are you Fittes?

The Golden Blade: I'm the iron in your sword. I'm the flame that keeps the furnaces burning.

Anthony Lockwood: Oh, shut up!

(They start to fight...)

The Golden Blade: Enthusiasm and technique.

Anthony Lockwood: Enough to put you in the ground, you pretentious prick.

Lucy Carlyle: Two hours ago, at that party, you were petrified at the thought of me leaving you. You made me believe that you, me, and George could be a family. But Lockwood & Co. can never be that, because at the center of it is you. And at the center of you is just a...

Anthony Lockwood: Is what? A cold, dead heart of stone?

Lucy Carlyle: Yeah, maybe. But who knows, though? 'Cause you don't actually show anyone.

Anthony Lockwood: Nothing good comes from letting people in. Everything ends and everyone leaves. When my time comes, I don't intend on leaving anyone behind who's gonna lie there every night wishing I would just walk through that door one more time.

Lucy Carlyle: Then you never should have let me in. Or George. Because now it's far too late.

Anthony Lockwood: Don't know why I didn't think of this.

Flo Bones: It's what you pay me for, Locky.

Quill Kipps: Here are the terms. The loser quits and never works in this industry again. London will be a lot safer with three less amateurs stumbling around. Do we have a deal? What's the matter, Tony? Scared you'll lose?

George Karim: Oh, you're kidding me.

Anthony Lockwood (to Kipps): Enjoy your last case.

Lucy Carlyle: What the hell is he doing?

George Karim: Whatever the hell he wants.

Anthony Lockwood: The problem is, when you like the spotlight as much as I do, it's quite an adjustment to realize that the real reason you might be here is to shine it on somebody else.

Lucy Carlyle: You believe me.

Anthony Lockwood: I do. About everything.

Lucy Carlyle: Thanks. You know I don't actually want the spotlight, right?

Anthony Lockwood: I know. It's maddening.

Anthony Lockwood: I guarantee you we are the best agents in London. The only reason you haven't heard of us is because we don't do our work for applause or attention. No, we do our work discreetly and bespokely. Now, I am certain that no one knows this cemetery quite like you do. We will do nothing without a full consultation on what you have seen. And, Miss, you have clearly had a terrible experience, so please, take all the time you need, and when you and your team feel strong enough, you will have my undivided attention.

George Karim (to Lucy): If we ever really get famous, he'll be absolutely unbearable.

Anthony Lockwood: So... you're telling me you think there is an unidentified Type Two in an unmarked grave, and you want us to come and help you dig it up... at night?

Pamela Joplin: Put like that, Mr. Lockwood, I admit it could sound better.

Anthony Lockwood: Ms. Joplin. It sounds irresistible.

Lucy Carlyle: Why do spiders love ghosts so much?

Anthony Lockwood: Who cares? They're excellent warnings.

Anthony Lockwood: We need you. And it's not because you're an asset.

Lucy Carlyle: Why, then?

Anthony Lockwood: Because... because you're... Lucy Carlyle. We can't let you go.

Lucy Carlyle: You have to. Barnes will shut you down. He knows I'm illegal.

Anthony Lockwood: That's why I went on TV, silly. Just to show Barnes he can shove his threats. Screw the rules. They bend the rules all the time. Why shouldn't we? I mean, why can't we change the rules?

Lucy Carlyle: Because we're nobodies.

Anthony Lockwood: No, we're not. We're Lockwood & Co. You, me, and George.

Quill Kipps (to Lucy): You won't stick around too long, sweetheart. Not when you find out what he's really like. Everyone leaves him in the end.

Anthony Lockwood: Her name's Lucy. My name's Lockwood. And you need a ladder.

Quill Kipps: Uh... No, I don't.

Anthony Lockwood: Yes, you do. (with a flick of his rapier, he makes Kipps' rapier stuck in the ceiling)

(Annabel Ward's ghost is in the house, George is about to go get his gear...)

George Karim: Okay. 20 seconds. Non-metaphorical.

(George comes out wearing a lot of gear and his rapier...)

Anthony Lockwood: All that and still no trousers?

George Karim: Trousers are for wimps.

Character from Lockwood & Co.

Lockwood & Co. Quotes

Lockwood & Co. Quotes

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Anthony John Lockwood is the leader of Lockwood & Co. – his team and agency dealing with ghosts in London. Apart from him, the other members are Lucy Carlyle and George Karim. He prefers to be called by his last name only.

Anthony Lockwood is played by the actor Cameron Chapman.


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