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Christian Grey: If I'd been left in the system... who knows how I'd have turned out? That could be me, maybe that should've been me.

Anastasia Grey: Hey, no. You are nothing like him. You were given a life with advantages, yes... but look what you made of it. You're a man of honor. And you treat people well. You care. No one could ever say that about a man like Hyde. No matter who raised him.

Christian Grey: I love you.

Anastasia Grey: Yeah, if you could only cook, you'd be perfect.

Christian Grey: Oh God, okay... Fuck it, let's get take out.

Anastasia Grey (to Christian): I know you think you're gonna be a really shitty dad. But you are not. This baby is gonna love you. Unconditionally. Just like you loved your mother. You just have to forgive her.

Anastasia Grey: I am angry with you Christian, you left me! You left me when I needed you! You fucked up!

Christian Grey: Yes, I fucked up and I'm sorry! I am standing here telling you I'm sorry! Okay? She doesn't... She doesn't mean anything to me. I don't need her. I need you.

Anastasia Grey: Would have been good if you felt that way yesterday.

Christian Grey: Hello. We have an intruder. You're gonna take her from me, aren't you? You'll see. You'll choose him over me.

Anastasia Grey: Nobody's choosing anybody. And he might be a she.

Christian Grey: Oh Jesus.

Anastasia Grey: Okay, time for sleep.

Christian Grey: This is where it starts.

Anastasia Grey: Where what starts?

Christian Grey: Babies mean no sex.

Anastasia Grey: That can't be true, there would be no siblings.

Christian Grey: Hey! You look mighty fine, Mrs. Gray.

Anastasia Grey: Wow, you look mighty drunk. Where have you been? Alright, let's go to bed.

Christian Grey: Now you're talking.

Anastasia Grey: OK, big guy. Come on, lean on me.

Christian Grey: You are so beautiful.

Anastasia Grey: Oh yeah, both of me?

Anastasia Grey: I'm pregnant. Six or seven weeks.

Christian Grey: You forgot your shot. Gosh.

Anastasia Grey: I'm sorry. I know it's not good timing.

Christian Grey: I had plans for us! I wanted to give you the world! Do you really think that I'm ready to be a father?

Anastasia Grey: No. I don't. And I'm not ready to be a mother either but we'll just figure it out.

Christian Grey: I'm not ready to figure it out.

(Christian is playing the piano and singing)

Elliot Grey: No way.

Anastasia Grey: You guys must have heard him play before.

Mia Grey: We have never heard him sing.

Elliot Grey: Ever.

Luke Sawyer: Better restrain him.

Belinda Prescott: I don't have anything.

Anastasia Grey: We do... I.. I mean... I can find something.

Kate Kavanagh: He is working on this Eco project with that architect Gia Matteo.

Anastasia Grey: One with the the really big...

Kate Kavanagh: Plans. Yeah, huge plans, and boy, does Elliott like to look at those plans.

Christian Grey: You insist on defying me Mrs. Grey. What should I do about that?

Anastasia Grey: Learn to live with it.

Christian Grey: It's not my style.

Anastasia Grey: Christian, look around. There is nothing but boobs for as far as I can see. Boobs in boob land. Nobody cares about mine.

Christian Grey: They will when they are on the cover of some sleazy tabloid.

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