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George Washington: Son—

Alexander Hamilton: Don't call me son.


George Washington: Son—

Alexander Hamilton: I'm notcha son—


Alexander Hamilton: I'm more than willing to die—

George Washington: Your wife needs you alive, son, I need you alive—

Alexander Hamilton (angrily): Call me son one more time!

George Washington: Go home, Alexander.

Aaron Burr: Can we agree that duels are dumb and immature?

Alexander Hamilton: Sure. But your man has to answer for his words, Burr.

Aaron Burr: With his life? We both know that's absurd, sir.

Alexander Hamilton: Hang on, how many men died because Lee was inexperienced and ruinous?

Aaron Burr: Okay, so we're doin' this.

George Washington: Alex, listen. There's only one way for us to win this. Provoke outrage, outright. Don't engage, strike by night. Remain relentless 'til their troops take flight.

Alexander Hamilton: Make it impossible to justify the cost of the fight.

George Washington: Outrun. Outlast. Hit 'em quick, get out fast.

Alexander Hamilton: Chick-a-plao!

George Washington: Stay alive 'til this horror show is past. We're gonna fly a lot of flags half-mast.

Alexander Hamilton: It's alright, Burr. I wish you'd brought this girl with you tonight, Burr.

Aaron Burr: You're very kind, but I'm afraid it's unlawful, sir.

Alexander Hamilton: What do you mean?

Aaron Burr: She's married.

Alexander Hamilton: I see.

Aaron Burr: She's married to a British officer.

Alexander Hamilton: Oh sh*t...

Alexander Hamilton: You strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied.

Angelica Schuyler: I'm sure I don't know what you mean. You forget yourself.

Alexander Hamilton: You're like me. I'm never satisfied.

Angelica Schuyler: Is that right?

Alexander Hamilton: I have never been satisfied.

Angelica Schuyler: My name is Angelica Schuyler.

Alexander Hamilton: Alexander Hamilton.

Angelica Schuyler: Where's your fam'ly from?

Alexander Hamilton: Unimportant. There's a million things I haven't done but just you wait, just you wait...

Alexander Hamilton: My life is gon' be fine cuz Eliza's in it.

Eliza Schuyler: I look into your eyes, and the sky's the limit I'm drownin' in 'em.

Eliza Schuyler: Thank you for all your service.

Alexander Hamilton: If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it.

Alexander Hamilton: Where are you taking me?

Angelica Schuyler: I'm about to change your life.

Alexander Hamilton: Then by all means, lead the way.

Aaron Burr: A winter's ball and the Schuyler sisters are the envy of all. Yo, if you can marry a sister, you're rich, son.

Alexander Hamilton: Is it a question of if, Burr, or which one?

Alexander Hamilton: Why should a tiny island across the sea regulate the price of tea?

Aaron Burr: Alexander, please!

Alexander Hamilton: Burr, I'd rather be divisive than indecisive, drop the niceties.

Samuel Seabury: This Congress does not speak for me...

Alexander Hamilton: My dog speaks more eloquently than thee!

Samuel Seabury: ...they're playing a dangerous game.

Alexander Hamilton: But strangely, your mange is the same.

Alexander Hamilton: I may not live to see our glory! But I will gladly join the fight! And when our children tell our story... They'll tell the story of tonight.

Alexander Hamilton: This is not a moment, it's the movement.

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