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Aaron Glassman: You're not hearing me. I'm dying.

Shaun Murphy: There's still hope.

Aaron Glassman: Shaun, look at me. Look at me, please. There is no hope for me. I mean, hope? What... What... What... What is hope? You hope the 49ers find a defense. You hope the number 4 bus comes on time. Doesn't mean they magically learn how to tackle. Doesn't mean the bus driver suddenly drives faster. Hope is irrelevant for me. Hope is painful. I don't want to spend what's left of my life chasing my tail around in a circle.

Aaron Glassman: You're not helping. I don't need theories. I don't need white boards. I don't need doctors! I don't want to think about the tumor! I don't want to think about dying! You know what I want? You know what I actually want? I want to... I want to... I want to go on a long drive somewhere. I want to... I want to eat pancakes. I want to watch football.

Shaun Murphy: It's not football season.

Aaron Glassman: Oh, my God. I know it's not football season.

Shaun Murphy: Do you mean you want to have fun?

Aaron Glassman: Yeah. I want to have fun.

Shaun Murphy: Debbie. Hello, Debbie. You flirted with Dr. Glassman.

Aaron Glassman: Oh, my God.

Shaun Murphy: 'Cause I have a new friend, and he needs one, too.

Aaron Glassman: I'm so sorry.

Shaun Murphy: Okay. Look, Dr. Glassman, Debbie's facial proportions are close to optimal, okay, .38 vertical and .48 horizontal...

Aaron Glassman: I'm so sorry.

Shaun Murphy: ...so you should find her attractive.

Debbie: Thank you?

Aaron Glassman: Shaun... I'm so sorry.

Shaun Murphy: And I think you're both Jewish. Tribal commonality is highly conducive to social bonding.

(Shaun leaves)

Aaron Glassman (to Debbie): Shalom?

Quinn's Mother: Whatever we decide, Quinn is still gonna be a girl.

Quinn's Grandmother: I don't know if I'll ever be able to accept that. I know that makes me sound horrible.

Aaron Glassman: I know what it's like to not put your family first, and it cost me. It cost me a great deal. And if I had to do it all over again, I'd ask myself... is it really worth sacrificing a life with someone I love over an idea that may never be?

Shaun Murphy: I don't need a father. I hate fathers. I need a friend.

Aaron Glassman: Shaun, I-I am someone who can't help but give advice, you know? I don't know if I can not do that.

Shaun Murphy: So you think I can change and you can't?

Aaron Glassman: I think that we have a certain kind of relationship. And we can call it something different if we want, but we can't magically make it different. You said that you wanted space. You said that you needed space.

Shaun Murphy: I-I think you should be my friend.

Aaron Glassman: Shaun...

Shaun Murphy: Okay.

Aaron Glassman (to Shaun): This is a now signed letter of recommendation. But... I don't want you to go. If you stay, I'll... I'll back off. I'll... I'll let you make your own choices, your own mistakes. I believe in you, Shaun.

Claire Browne: Shaun asked Dr. Melendez for a letter of recommendation.

Aaron Glassman: Yeah. All I have to do is sign it and off he goes.

Claire Browne: I think... he might think that you're mad at him. If you don't sign, it reinforces what he thinks. But if you do, it lets him know that you believe in him.

Shaun Murphy: I... I want to make my own decisions.

Aaron Glassman: Shaun, can you keep your voice down, please? Please?

Shaun Murphy: You... You cannot keep ordering me around, okay? You're not my father!

Aaron Glassman: What if I told you every few months that you had a real possibility you were gonna die?

Neil Melendez: I'd be scared. And I'd listen.

Aaron Glassman: Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn't. Personally, I think he's right... shut down those voices of doom, spend your days living instead of dying. But he may also be crazy.

Shaun Murphy: I don't want a stranger helping me.

Aaron Glassman: I know, Shaun. But... And I can't... I can't always be there. I-I... I can't always help you the way you need to be helped, the way you deserve to be helped.

Shaun Murphy: I don't want a stranger helping me.

Aaron Glassman: You want breakfast?

Shaun Murphy: Can I have four pancakes instead of three?

Aaron Glassman: You can have five.

Shaun Murphy: I only want four.

Aaron Glassman: Shaun, you really don't want love?

Shaun Murphy: I loved Steve and my rabbit. Not anymore.

Aaron Glassman: You don't love them anymore?

Shaun Murphy: No, I don't. They're dead. You can't love someone if they're dead.

Aaron Glassman: Well, I've lost people I love. I miss them, and it hurts, but I still love them.

Shaun Murphy: I don't want love.

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