Enjoy the best quotes / moments from The Big Bang Theory’s episode ‘The Bow Tie Asymmetry’.
‘The Bow Tie Asymmetry’ is the 24th and finale episode of season 11. (s11e24)

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Plot summary

When Amy’s parents and Sheldon’s family arrive, everybody is focused to make sure all wedding arrangements go according to plan – everyone except the bride and groom. (IMDb

Top 10 ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Quotes from 11×24

Sorted chronologically as quotes appear in the episode.

  1. Amy Farrah Fowler: I think it’s more like, uh, like Lord of the Rings, and you’re the Fellowship. Uh, someone’s got to go to Gondor, someone’s got to go to Mordor, someone’s got to hold off the demon of shadow and flame.
    Leonard Hofstadter: You mean the Balrog?
    Amy Farrah Fowler: I mean my mother.
    Sheldon Cooper: That is a perfect metaphor, Amy.
    Amy Farrah Fowler: Thank you.
    Sheldon Cooper: Because it also involves a ring that binds me in servitude forever.
    Amy Farrah Fowler: Aw, he said forever. 
  2. Amy Farrah Fowler: So are you feeling okay? No wedding jitters?
    Sheldon Cooper: No. There is nothing in the world that would stop me from marrying you tomorrow, even me from the future coming back to prevent the wedding and the subsequent birth of a child who will destroy humanity.
    Amy Farrah Fowler: Because if you came from the future, that would mean you already went through with the wedding because you believe that time travel is on a closed loop.
    Sheldon Cooper: I love you so damn much. 
  3. Sheldon Cooper: I’m so glad you made it, Missy. This is my fiancée, Amy. Amy, this is my sister. If I ever need a kidney, this is where you get it. 
  4. Sheldon Cooper: Are you having an allergic reaction to my boutonniere?
    Leonard Hofstadter: No. I’m just so happy for you. And for me. After today, you are officially… and, more important, legally… Amy’s problem.
    Sheldon Cooper: Don’t be silly, Leonard. I will always be your problem. 
  5. Penny Hofstadter: Where are you going?
    Amy’s Mother: This whole thing was a big mistake. I’m gonna find Amy and get her out of here.
    Penny Hofstadter: Sit down!
    Amy’s Mother: Excuse me?
    Penny Hofstadter: Sheldon loves Amy, and he would never hurt her on her wedding day or any other day, so park it. (Sheldon’s mother gets up a wants to start a slow clap) Oh, you sit down, too.
    Amy’s Mother (to her husband): Are you gonna let her talk to me like that? Say something.
    Amy’s Father (to Penny): Thank you. 
  6. Sheldon Cooper: Leonard. That’s Mark Ha-Ha-Ha… It’s-it’s Mark Hami-Ha-Ha…
    Leonard Hofstadter: Yep. Thank Wolowitz. He set it up.
    Mark Hammil: Congratulations on your wedding.
    Sheldon Cooper: Thank you. When this is over, I have 4,000 things for you to sign.
    Amy Farrah Fowler: I-I thought Wil was marrying us.
    Sheldon Cooper: Wolowitz got us an upgrade.
    Amy Farrah Fowler: Another sci-fi guy with a beard. Seems lateral, but okay. 
  7. Mark Hammil: We are gathered here today in the sight of family, friends and Almighty God.
    Sheldon Cooper: That’s too religious.
    Mark Hammil: That lady over there made me say it.
    Sheldon’s Mother: He heard you, and he can’t un-hear you.
  8. Amy Farrah Fowler: Sheldon, when I was a little girl, I used to dream about my wedding. But, eventually, I stopped, because I thought that day would never come. And then I met you. From the first moment in that coffee shop, I knew that there was something special between us, even though I did work on a study that disproved love at first sight.
    Sheldon Cooper: I loved that study the moment I read it. Ironic, huh?
    Amy Farrah Fowler:
    Clearly, it was wrong. Because I felt something that day, and those feelings have only gotten stronger with time. I can’t imagine loving you more than I do right now. But I felt that way yesterday and the day before yesterday and the day before that.
    Sheldon Cooper: Is that growth linear or accelerating?
    Amy Farrah Fowler: Accelerating.
    Sheldon Cooper: Oh, maybe we could graph it out.
    Leonard Hofstadter: Save something for the honeymoon.
    Sheldon Cooper: Smart.
    Amy Farrah Fowler: Sheldon, I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that I’ve never been happier than I am in this moment marrying you.
    Mark Hammil: Well, that was unexpectedly beautiful. I might need a minute. 
  9. Sheldon Cooper: Amy… I usually know exactly what to say. But in this moment… I have no words. I guess… I’m overwhelmed by you. In a good way. Not in the elevator in the Haunted Mansion way. Even if I can’t tell you now how I feel, I will spend my life showing you how much I love you. 
  10. Mark Hammil: Amy, do you take Sheldon for your lawful wedded husband?
    Amy Farrah Fowler: I do.
    Mark Hammil: And, Sheldon, same thing.
    Sheldon Cooper: I do.
    Mark Hammil: Then by the power vested in me by EvenYouCanPerformWeddings.com… I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.


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