Year at glance 2017 - Free printables - 7 colors

Year at glance 2017 – Free printables for planners

For a proper start of a new year, we also need new ‘2017 Year at glance’ page. Printables are made to fit all planners.


It all started with my need for a simple year at glance page, but I couldn’t find any printables I liked, so I decided to make my own. And why not to share them with others. The printable is very simple with light colors. I made them A4, but thanks to the .pdf format you can resize it to fit any planner. I have it in my A5 binder and it fits perfectly. For me I made the blue/dusk version, but I also added 6 more colors for you to chose from.

Year at glance 2017 - In my planner

This is just for a illustration, how could it look like in A5 binder. You may notice, this is slightly different coloring as I chose too light colors at first and my printer didn’t quite pick them up. But it’s usable and I didn’t want it to print another one. Don’t worry the downloadable ones will be visible after printing. 😀

What you’ll get

You’ll get 2017 year at glance page in 7 colors (7x .pdf file). The weeks starts with Monday (if you’d like me to make a version with Sunday start, let me know in the comments). The size it comes in is A4, but it’s easy to resize it before printing in the printing options.  I also added a .docx (Microsoft Word) version so you can optimize or recolor it to a color and shape you desire.

Year at glance 2017- Free printable - blue A4

If you are interested to know, what fonts I used (I know I would be – weird obsession with fonts…):

Year at glance 2017-other colors - Free printablesColors to chose from (-ish):

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Purple


Free Printables Download

File comes as .zip, which should not be a problem to open to anybody. If any problems with the link or openning it appear, let me know.


(Google drive)

I will most likely add more free printables in future as I couldn’t find any I likes for mothly and weekly spread, so I’ll be making my own.

Hope you like these printables, if you have any questions feel free to ask in comments.

Happy New Year!

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